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n 1: continual and persistent demands [syn: insisting] 2: the state of urgently demanding notice or attention; "the press of business matters" [syn: imperativeness, insistency, press, pressure] 3: urgently demanding attention; "the insistence of their hunger"; "he pressed his demand with considerable instancy" [syn: imperativeness, insistency, instancy]

My artistic urges have always been delivered in envelopes of insistence. At various times I have regarded the messages as urgent matters to be opened and addressed immediately or left them to pile up unopened, unanswered as relevant to my life as junk mail.  Still the feelings and creative urgings arrive insistently demanding my energy and attention. 

At this stage in my wisdom I am learning to surrender to these tendencies. For all practical purposes I should not desire to be an artist at all. My life is so easily filled. I have never picked up a brush out of boredom but rather out of the insistent feeling that it was work that needed doing.

I have always felt curious about the insistent need to paint, to be a creator. I have spent more time working to ignore and dismiss this feeling than to simply stand still and confront the knowing.

I understand now that it is not important for me to judge my artistic desires or to anticipate my creative destination or more importantly to even define myself so narrowly with any label. What is important is to respond to this insistent beckoning with appreciation, clarity and joy as I build on my truth by accepting my essence.

I know my best work is ahead. I continue to learn to receive my gifts without resistance. Each new image I see bridges me to a beauty filled abundant future. I look forward to sharing my moments of light with others as I acknowledge my insistent need for JOY and FREEDOM created with art.

“The tragedy of life is not in the fact of death
but in what dies inside of us while we live.” 
Norman Cousins

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