Welcome, to my online studio.

“I hope your life and your friendships continue to bloom.”

GreenHouse Studio represents original works of art and designs based on the visual explorations of artist Sandra Florez. “My passion for creating, enjoyment of painting, appreciation of beauty and my own spontaneous and joyous flair influence all I create.”

Mission: The purpose of GreenHouse Studio is to share the joy and freedom I experience by appreciating beauty and sensitivities to forms I feel and see all around me. It is my hope that by sharing what I am able to feel, translating it to works of art I can contribute to uplifting, inspiring and spreading the beauty into the lives and hearts of others.

Goal: The focus of the studio is to highlight new artworks available for collection. Additionally, to enable the artistic talent of Sandra Florez to be publicly accessible through gallery, commissions, license and public murals venues.

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